Spread the word about ACC FALL COURSES

This message is a copy of an email from Evelyn Rosas of the ACC Sustainable Agriculture Program:

Dear Friends of the ACC Sustainable Agriculture Program, 

We have so many wonderful courses and need help spreading the word.  All of the courses and their descriptions and schedules can be found here.

Specifically for this Fall, the courses can be found here.

Here's a blurb on each Fall course:

Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture

Taught by garden and farm educator, Michele Hockett Cooper.  This course introduces the practices and philosophies of sustainable agriculture and addresses the students' personal interests and possible roles in the field.  Students will spend time learning on the campus farm, on field trips, and in the classroom. 

Farm and Ranch Equipment, 

Taught Vivian Smotherman of Farm-1-1 and Eden Cove Farm.  She will lead students in learning about tractor and farm equipment maintenance on the campus farm, tractor operation, and the ever-so-valuable evaluation of used equipment for your small farm.

Sustainable Orchard Production

Taught by Greg Mast of Tree Folks.  This course will address fruit and nut trees for Central Texas, from planting and all aspects of care.  Students will be involved in the orchard plan for the campus farm, including site preparation considerations and planting.

Beekeeping Intro & Intermediate

Taught by Cassandra Carico of Bee People Industries.  Students rave about these beekeeping classes.  From the beginning students will get all the basics to starting their adventure in bee stewardship.  The intermediate course will help students hone their confidence and develop their own interests and style in their beekeeping experience.

Introduction to Soil

Taught by Evelyn Rosas, of ACC's ag program and farm.  Soils students will spend hands on time in the biology lab and the campus farm lab, getting the low down on what is happening beneath our feet and how to work with the soil as an ecological farmer.  

ADDITIONALLY, we are still seeking instructors for all courses.  Do you know someone with sustainable farming experience that is seeking to share their expertise and collaborate with the Elgin Campus Student Farm?  We are looking for instructors for all courses, and especially for: small farm business planning, forage and pasture management, sustainable livestock production.  Peruse the list of courses here.  Send them my way! evelyn.rosas@austincc.edu


With gratitude,