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2019 Poster Contest

For more than 70 years, local conservation districts have celebrated soil and water stewardship. Each year, the National Association of Conservation Districts selects a theme, prepares material, and distributes them through the nation's 3,000 local conservation districts.

This year, there will be three Bastrop County Conservation District winners that will receive a check for $100, $50, and $25. All prizes are sponsored by the Bastrop County Soil and Water Conservation District.

This year marks the beginning of a new approach to teach the children of today the importance of soil and water conservation. The most important concept is the need for everyone to practice good soil and water stewardship. If you would like for someone to come to your classroom to put on a presentation, just call the number below to set up a date and time.

Thank you for your participation.

-Bastrop County Soil and Water Conservation District

(512) 321-2489 ext. 3


Posters are due to be turned into the Bastrop County Soil and Water Conservation District office by Janurary 7th, 2019 4:30 pm.